Scotland Now

New campaign started, watch the video to see more Welcome to Scotland Is Now, a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about our incredible country. If you’re interested in living, working, studying, visiting or doing business in Scotland, or you’re one of the 50 million people around the world who claim Scottish heritage …
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top ten holiday destination

The Lonely Planet has just name The highlands and Islands of Scotland as one of the best top ten holiday destination. It talks about the route 500.and 250 the scenery and natural beauty.Whilst you can not argue against this article, you need to remember that the advertising for the route 500 has made this area …
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Book Direct

The on-line travel agencies made up of companies like Expedia,  Bookingdotcom, Priceline Group, TripAdvisor, airB&B and increasingly, Ctrip et al, have been trying to corner the market and have done a really good job of selling the idea that they give the best deals. A new movement , Book Direct, has been set up lead by global players like Hilton, …
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World Stone Skimming Championship

A great local event is the World Stone Skimming contest on Easdale island, this year its on Sunday 23 September 2018, with a restriction on 350 entrants.  The event was started in 1983 and resurrected in 1997. Contestants hail from around the world and the championships now attract over 300 participants and many spectators. Anyone of any age …
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Booking Websites

The UK government is looking into booking websites and its about time. In our experience these sites are nothing but ripoffs and we are trying to stay  away from them, however there dominance in the market is making it hard to ignore them. At The Old Manse in Kilmartin we presently do not use, …
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Di, & myself went on a day trip on the Waverley Paddle Steamer, the last ocean going paddle steamer. The trip was a round trip from Oban taking in four lochs and the Corryvreckan whirlpool.  The trip traveled from Oban to Crinan loch, so we were able to see local landmarks from a different perspective. The …
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Bird Feeder

Our bird feeders are outside the breakfast room window and presently you can see gold finches, siskins, sparrows, chaffinch, dunock, yellow hammer,  redpoll , and linett to name a few.

Crinan Canal

The Crinan Canal is known as Britians most beautiful shortcut The Crinan Canal starts at Ardrishaig on Loch Fyne, and ends nine miles away at Crinan on the Sound of Jura. It was designed to provide a quick link between the west coast and islands at one end and the Clyde Estuary at the other, and so …
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Craignish Cruises

  Craignish Cruises offer  Guided wildlife boat trips a from Ardfern to Corryvreckan Whirlpool, Jura, Scarba and the Garvellach Islands and beyond on their  new Interceptor 42, ‘Venturer. Established since 2001 Lindsey offers a great experience and we recommend the trip to the Corryvreckan